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    Who needs a color wheel with the Spectrum X?


    Color tool is a great factor in the  The Spectrum X, free wp template. This characterizes the modern day color wheel. The playful tints and shades of various colors, courtesy  of  in a vertical manner give this free wp template an enjoyable appeal to the viewers eyes.  From the primary colors: red, blue and green, the Spectrum X free wp template need not have a banner image. After all, the banner photo and background for this free website template is already packed into one. This in addition, creates a new level of optical illusion when it comes to free website template lay-outing.


    Also, customize your post titles and image thumbnail slideshow for a personal feel. Add up on the playfulness that this free wp template already has, and end up loving it.


    Use this colorful template in blogging about anything and everything under the sun. You can talk about your favorite Iphone app, your favorite food in a restaurant, or your favorite night club- just name it.

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