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    Bring grace, refinement and elegance into your wordpress blog with no other than the wood premium wordpress blog. The wood premium wordpress blog will allow you and your audience to experience a classy browsing feel all throughout.

    This wordpress blog will serve as a tool to get that website of yours on page 1 of top search engines because nobody uses the yellow pages anymore. Who could have thought that a wordpress theme will give you those satisfactory results? You will never know unless you tried downloading.

    This wood premium wordpress blog is all that you have been waiting for. This is especially suited for blogging about various topics especially to reviews on the latest movies, songs, and even the latest iphone apps and voip providers.

    Click download right away and feel the difference on your wordpress blog.

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  • hi i would like to ask what plugin should i use to be able to show pictures in the slider and as a thumbnail.. thanks!!! Graet Theme.. thanks for sharing!

    • Sorry, my comment below was a reply to you!

  • Create a category called “Featured”. Any posts in that category will be added to the slider.

    Also, to specify the image to use for the post, add a “custom field” to the post called ‘feature’ with a value that is the URL to the image.

    Not sure if there’s anything else to it, I just installed it myself and worked this out :)

    • my comment below is suppose to be a question for you

  • I dont know but this theme seem to have problem with feeds. i tried to use it in my other blog to see if the theme is the one that causing the error. and yes its the theme.. how would i solve this problem?

    This feed does not validate.

    line 1, column 1: Blank line before XML declaration