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    January 15th, 2010 | 2-columns, Elegant, General, WP Themes| By Administrator | No Comments Wordpress theme Pro Wave free download

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    The classic and elegant combination of blue and black never goes out of style for your free wordpress template. The color blue is so soothing that it is perfect for the text and the color black is formal and blends exactly on the background. This pro-wave free wordpress template is perfect for blogging about the different application reviews and also on the best tutorials for any suitable subject.

    Not to mention that the pro-wave free wordpress template is also suitable for company and corporate blogs because of its stylistic and attractive yet formal color schemes.

    This free wordpress template features five main tabs and another four sub-category tabs which you can customize to give an even more personalized feel. Not only that, feature your articles with headlines and pictures on a slideshow which your audience can easily navigate.

    The pro-wave free wordpress template is a must-download for your very own wordpress site. Do not miss this opportunity and download it now.

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