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    August 19th, 2010 | 2-columns, General, WP Themes| By Administrator | 2 Comments Wordpress theme Pro Environment free download

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    A fun and environmental way to personalize your very own WordPress site is by downloading this Pro-environment and Eco-friendly theme. This is the perfect template for organizations and individuals with environmental advocacy. Also, you can blog from latest iphone apps and even up to the best tutorials and give it an environmental twist.


    Packed with natural earth colors, this Eco-friendly designed template will surely give environmentalists, pro-environment organizations and environment enthusiasts, a whole different way to wordpress blog.


    Let your followers, customers, or just even plain lookers, get a hold of how environmentally aware you are. This blog template has five tabs which you could customize in your own, giving it an even better appeal to your audience. In addition, you can also customize the background; change it into your best eco-friendly background image.  Make your wordpress blog eco-friendly by downloading this template. This template allows you to get a hold of a solid environmental campaign to protect Mother Nature and a firm way of sharing your advocacy. We offer you a new look to your site. Pimp it the pro-environmental way.

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